Wednesday, November 25, 2009


whoa! I'm so ignorant about that "stocks" , "financial market" stuff. So, I decided to come to a seminar which could explain a these kind of things and broaden my knowledge about making money.

This seminar was organized by ABSOLUTE TRADERS. The persons who held the seminar said that we are the 10th batch by Nov 20 '09. Actually they held these seminar on a 5-day schedule with 10 persons per batch.

The seminar was made in order:

to build a community of traders that help each other,
to "dispel" the usually "sophisticated" market ,
to give tips on investing properly and effectively,
and to share knowledge on how to trade.

Others also come to reduce the uncertainty of the information they found on the ABSOLUTE TRADERS' website.

Their mission is to educate the readers about the financial markets. They want to help interested persons learn more about investing and trading.

They also provide high quality analyses of both local and foreign stock markets, the forex market as well as individual sectors using the tried and tested tenets of technical analysis.

The people at Absolute Traders believe technical analysis can maximize returns in favorable markets and protect capital in unfavorable market climates.

“We Are The Premier Financial Market Education In The Philippines”-Absolute Traders

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My visit to Maribago Bluewaters resort was indeed very good. It was awesome despite that it was rainy during the visit. Behind that small entrance was a very very breathtaking paradise.

Aside from the friendly people there and the clear waters and the relaxing seashore. there was the refreshing pool and the AWESOME DELICIOUS FOOD. What was so memorable was the food and how they'd prepared it. It was like "oooh i like this, and that, that one too!" It was that they prepared the INGREDIENTS and its up to us to make our own special dish. I even made my own SPECIAL MANGO AND LECHE FLAN dessert. They had that on the spot grilling!
I had a hard time consuming all those food because....hehe.... I took a sample of almost all the food displayed there. My favorite was the grilled PATTIES and KARE-KARE....and of course the appetizers too.(oops i got too much appetizers...well it was yummy hehe)

I was amazed of how the foreigners enjoyed themselves there. Some of them playing indoor games and making use of the wifi there. While me and my friends tried the pool while our stomachs was still digesting food. We joked around if we would go back to the restaurant and get more food. I would like to go back there and try the NEW POOL which might be much deeper and much bigger. Thank You Maribago Bluewater!

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