Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Aika Chibi and Monster Corps

aika chibi and monstah corps by ~jimville2003 on deviantART
almost done...

this is aika with her monsteh buddies!

i wish i had a would have been a lot swifter.

Stooped skull Tee

stoopd skel tee by ~jimville2003 on deviantART
hehehe just a doodle that turned out to be nice on a shirt. hehe . i had the idea as "lonely skel" when i started this but it might be miscomprehended as emo shirt hahaha XD

Night Market

night market by ~jimville2003 on deviantART
acrylic colors painted on masterboard

size: not sure. about a third of an ordinary door

Save Party

save party by ~jimville2003 on deviantART

t-shirt design for my school's student council