Tuesday, December 1, 2009

HAPUHAP wellness spa

Well I got an opportunity to avail free services at HAPUHAP WELLNESS SPA. The experience was totally awesome. At first I was hesitant to try a massage because I know I got awful tickle hotspots scattered over my skinny body! hahaha!

But overall, that was the best form of relaxation ever!(aside from eating spree). The massage went somewhat funny for me. I was holding my laughter while the "HAPUHISTA"(masseur)was doing thier thing. It went on like that until I cannot not laugh it out anymore. hehehe. But was alright since the masseur understood that it really tickles. I laughed until the massage was through. Their service was really nice too! Rooms were super neat, music and ambiance was very nice. the place really suits the SPA's name- Hapuhap -meaning a gentle touch or rub on someone's back to give comfort. It was really relaxing especially to my hands and back.

They had already been on business over a month now, and they're quite getting local clients and foreign clients as well. I'd say it's a COMFORTING RELAXATION. Nothing compares to a rejuvenating HAPUHAP(gentle touch). I hope all you of get to try their services, and I guarantee you won't regret a thing!

The HAPUHAP WELLNESS SPA is located at V. Rama ave. Cebu City Philippines.
Email them @
Call them @ 4174885 - can avail home service
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