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OBEY HER by ~jimville2003 on deviantART

hehehehe i don't know why i did this but i did anyway. inspired by obey tshirts...i made my own design.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Vortex Tee

heehehehe one of my tee designs that has only less than 3 colors.
inspired by halo games. the font i got from some
splatter paint brushes and became vortex. a made this design as an entry for
teetonic tshirt design competition

pls visit and vote my design here

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

STEAM PUNK ART. powerrr!!!!

hahaha i was doodling during my class this 6pm. so bored then thought of iron giant movie. i dunno how i got that idea. just drew it then i got it scanned @ home, colored it using ps then, boom it became steam punk. i decided to name it
"steam punk" after seeing similar characters/artworks named like it.
took about 1hr to color it, added some gear brushes downloaded from iforgotwhere.
now im making it as part of my tee desgn for mechanical engineering in my school.

visit my deviant here

Friday, July 10, 2009

GEOCITIES - closing

i recieved this email...

Important notice: GeoCities is closing.
Dear Yahoo! GeoCities customer,

We're writing to let you know that Yahoo! GeoCities, our free web site building service and community, is closing on October 26, 2009.

On October 26, 2009, your GeoCities site will no longer appear on the Web, and you will no longer be able to access your GeoCities account and files.

What You Need to Do
If you'd like to move your web site, or save the images and other files you've posted online, you need to act now by choosing one of the following options:

• Move your site to Yahoo! Web Hosting.
We know your files are important to you, and we want to make moving to Web Hosting as easy and affordable as we can. For a limited time, you can move your files automatically, take advantage of terrific features like a personalized domain name and email, even redirect your GeoCities web address to your new site — all for only $4.99 a month for a full year.

For more information and complete terms, please see our special offer now.

• Download your files to your own computer.
With your pages and images saved offline, you can re-create your site with any hosting provider.

To quickly download your published files, visit your GeoCities web site, right-click on each page, and choose Save Page As... from the menu that appears. Choose a location on your computer to save your files, then click OK or Save. Learn more about downloading your files.

Don't Wait
Please be aware that after October 26, your GeoCities files will be deleted from our servers, and will not be recoverable. If you'd like to save your files, you must download them now or move to Yahoo! Web Hosting. If you need assistance, please visit the help center.

We want to thank you for being a GeoCities customer, and hope you continue to enjoy our other Yahoo! services.

Best regards,

The Yahoo! GeoCities team "


yeah!!! it made me smile and made me not to think too much about my sadness! ^^

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Google plans Chrome operating system

now this is gonna be big! Google OS? wow. i just hope it will be smooth on low-edge pc's. CHROME OS and ANDROID promises faster boot-ups, faster surfing on the web and, of course, lower costs.

(from USA today)

Until now, most consumer PCs have run on software from one of two companies: Microsoft or Apple.

But on Wednesday, search giant Google (GOOG) shook up the computing world by formally announcing plans to compete head-to-head against those companies on their home turf: PC operating systems.

Google Operating System To Challenge Microsoft(from npr):

Google Inc. is working on a new operating system for inexpensive computers in a daring attempt to diminish Microsoft Corp.'s longstanding control over people's computer experience.

The new operating system, announced Tuesday night on Google's Web site, will be based on the search giant's nine-month-old Web browser, Chrome. Google intends to rely on help from the community of open-source programmers to develop the Chrome operating system, which is expected to begin running computers in the second half of 2010.

Shares of Google jumped $6.92, 1.8 percent, to $403.55 in morning trading Wednesday, while Microsoft fell 15 cents to $22.38.

Google is designing the operating system primarily for netbooks, a lower-cost, less powerful breed of laptop computer that is becoming increasingly popular among budget-conscious consumers primarily interested in surfing the Web.

Google has already introduced an operating system for smart phones and other mobile devices, called Android, that vies against various other systems, including ones made by Microsoft and Apple Inc.

The Android system worked well enough to entice some computer makers to begin developing netbooks that will run on it. For instance, Acer Inc., the world's third-largest PC maker, said last month it would make netbooks that run Android instead of Windows. Acer said Android would make the computers less expensive and possibly help them boot up faster.

Google, though, apparently believes a Chrome-based system will be better suited for netbooks.

That is a direct challenge to Microsoft, whose next operating system, Windows 7, is being geared for netbooks as well as larger computers. And it would be Google's boldest confrontation yet with its biggest nemesis.

Microsoft had no immediate comment Wednesday.

A duel between the two technology powerhouses has been steadily escalating in recent years as Google's dominance of the Internet's lucrative search market has given it the means to threaten Microsoft in ways that few other companies can.

Google already has rankled Microsoft by luring some of its top employees and developing an online package of computer programs that provide an alternative to Microsoft's top-selling word processing, spreadsheet and calendar applications.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has been trying to thwart Google by investing billions of dollars in improving its own Internet search and advertising systems — to little avail so far.

In the past month or so, though, Microsoft has been winning positive reviews and picking up more users with the latest upgrade to its search engine, now called Bing. Microsoft is hailing the makeover with a $100 million marketing campaign.


yes! a movie. indeed, this a 10/10 movie. i was very satisfied of how the movie went. well, aside that i don't understand french and i have to read the subs as fast as i can. nevertheless the message and ANIMATION were awesome. kinda the classic animation only it is smoother compared to the ones were used to. though it black and white, i found it very soothing for my eyes. i could get the idea shown and i never got lost on conversations. simple but elegant. and the message it brought, you could learn so much in this movie.(you can read the synopsis below).

Marjane Satrapi grew up wearing sneakers and beating up boys. She wanted to grow up to be a saint. When she was ten years old, her world changed overnight. Girls and boys had to use different doors to enter the school. She had to cover herself with a long dark robe. Grownups around her began to disappear. Marjane has several close encounters with the country's morality police and her teachers at school. Iraqi bombs fall on the street where she lives. Eventually her parents send her abroad to receive a European education, but she is miserable: she loves her family and country, despite their flaws, too much to stay away for long. After a brief return and a failed marriage, Marjane leaves Iran for good.

This is a heartbreaking true story of a childhood coinciding with regime change and war in Iran. It's a story that everyone who counts themselves as a human being should read or watch.

(comment from IMDB)I was somehow hesitant before watching this as many have hailed the movie as an achievement both technically and artistically. Considering it tackles issues related to the Middle East I thought this will be yet another politically correct show-off that leaves you dead-cold. Well it's nothing like this. Though the story simplifies things quite a lot, it has a good reason for doing so: everything is seen from the point of view of the main character who brings forth her memories as a little girl in Iran, as a teenager in exile and as a married woman back in Iran. The story is always interesting, heart-felt, funny, sarcastic at times, nostalgic, cruel and absurd at some points but very very convincing.

The movie's best asset is it doesn't preach, it leaves everything to the viewer's judgment, and this is something to be appreciated because we all know that cartoons can be very effective propaganda devices. You can use animation for subversive purposes in a may number of ways. Technically, the movie-makers decided for stylishness rather than anything else. It's very interesting to compare Ratatouille's "realism" in animation and its shallow plot and the intricate and subtle plot of Persepolis and its abstract animation. I think animation was never about a big budget but about taste and artistic reason for choosing a specific technique. Displaying such a consistent style throughout, Persepolis manages never to feel too much in spite of its length (Ratatouille felt a bit too much after half an hour, at least to me and most of the people in the audience). Mnay reasons account for this: good story, excellent acting (the characters are all memorable), excellent pacing etc.

The best thing I got from watching this, besides the 95 minutes of great fun, is that there is a way of separating between good and evil without hurting anybody and you can come to terms with your past without feeling a sense of despair, no matter how bad that past was.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

urbandub - soul searching -guitar cover

watch this!!!!

watch my channel @ youtube

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

freewrite - "ADMIT"

when was the last time i saw you with me
it was the time when i thought i was down

all i thought was of differences
now look what has happened to me now

bet it's so hard to be hurt now
i didn't think i gave much pain

seems yesterday i thought it was fair
now sorrow and despair came like rain

when you lie about what you feel
when you make fun of what you did

first it seem it is good
last then you wish you never did

God, it's so hard to be hurt again
when you love the one who did it

and then again you thought time could heal
then you fake the pain that was real

a cheer for a hidden tear
a laugh for a deep wound beneath

still you try to forget the things of the past
still past drags you down deep

when you cry for the things you've done
and still think of it while you weep

God, why it so hard?
why my heart is so heavy?
why do i still cry?
i forget never will be

and then you see
and then you learn
and then you come to know
that it's so hard to admit

while she may be over the pain
and you left feeling dead and laid

take a deep last breath
never hold the tears
its the way of a man
to accept he made mistakes

i know it's hard to admit.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Chicken ala Carte

-watch this video...make sure that a hanky is near.

Chicken a la Carte : Director: Ferdinand Dimadura | Genre: Drama | Produced In: 2005

Synopsis: This film is about the hunger and poverty brought about by Globalization. There are 10,000 people dying everyday due to hunger and malnutrition. This short film shows a forgotten portion of the society. The people who live on the refuse of men to survive. What is inspiring is the hope and spirituality that never left this people.

all about MAFIA WARS

Mafia Wars is a multiplayer browser game created by Zynga. As of June 2009, the game has more than 2,500,000 users. It has won the Webby award for People's Voice Winner.

Mafia Wars is available on Facebook, Myspace, Tagged, and Yahoo. On April 8, 2009, Zynga released the game as a free downloadable iPhone App.

Mafia Wars is set in New York City, but players have the option to travel between New York and Cuba once they reach level 35. The game revolves around doing jobs to earn cash. Players can also create mafias and fight against other players. Players can also improve their stats by visiting the Godfather or making a micropayment.

Gameplay revolves around timers: players have limited energy, health, and stamina meters that slowly fill up over time.

---whoa this game is sooo easy. it's nice to look at those catchy images, reading those game results either having finishing a job or fighting aganst another mafia.

-though it's quite tiring when you have so much 'energy points' to spend like uhm i have 1k+ of e-points then 50+ stamina point and, soooo much money to spend.

but over all its a good application on facebook.

btw add me up on Fb and add me as memeber of your mafia!!!

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Join My Mafia:


HEROES Series online!

a great site to watch Heroes Series-

unfortunately, we will still be waiting for the forth season to come out in a couple of months.

Heroes is an American science fiction drama television series, created by Tim Kring, which premiered on NBC on September 25, 2006. The show tells the story of several people who “thought they were like everyone else… until they woke with incredible abilities” such as telepathy, time travel and flight. These people soon realize they have a role in preventing a catastrophe and saving mankind. The series follows the writing style of American comics with short, multi-episode story arcs that build upon a larger, more encompassing arc. Even with small story arcs that move the story forward, Kring said “we have talked about where the show goes up to five seasons“.

here are the links for the episodes starting from season1 episode1
(be sure to have the latest flash player)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

A photoshop cs2 BRUSH - neutron collapse!

want to have cool graphics with brushes on PS?

here take a look on IHEA's brushes-
i actually used some of these to create my own wallpaper:

you can download these brushes here! ---link. - free cool fonts

Well, greetings everyone.

i'd like to share some of my sources for fonts which I often use in my designs. - cool and awesome fonts for free.and they have useful fonts like these famous ones: