Tuesday, July 7, 2009

freewrite - "ADMIT"

when was the last time i saw you with me
it was the time when i thought i was down

all i thought was of differences
now look what has happened to me now

bet it's so hard to be hurt now
i didn't think i gave much pain

seems yesterday i thought it was fair
now sorrow and despair came like rain

when you lie about what you feel
when you make fun of what you did

first it seem it is good
last then you wish you never did

God, it's so hard to be hurt again
when you love the one who did it

and then again you thought time could heal
then you fake the pain that was real

a cheer for a hidden tear
a laugh for a deep wound beneath

still you try to forget the things of the past
still past drags you down deep

when you cry for the things you've done
and still think of it while you weep

God, why it so hard?
why my heart is so heavy?
why do i still cry?
i forget never will be

and then you see
and then you learn
and then you come to know
that it's so hard to admit

while she may be over the pain
and you left feeling dead and laid

take a deep last breath
never hold the tears
its the way of a man
to accept he made mistakes

i know it's hard to admit.

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