Friday, October 23, 2009

A Temptation to Maribago Bluewater

The first semester is over! now im back with a new post.

Well now its our semestral break, i gotta find some recreational stuff to relax my weary mind and body. Wait! I heard an invitation to all bloggers who want to visit and enjoy the relaxation at Maribago Bluewater Resort.

I know this is going to be good since i heard from friends that its like a paradise!. Can't wait to experience those white sands and refreshing blue waters. This will be an extraordinary trip because I know Maribago Blue Waters Resort had won prestigious awards in the past years. I hope i can come this November 8, 2009. I won't miss the chance to go there for the first time!

Then if you crave to be there too then visit
All you have to do is read this : “Maribago Bluewater invites bloggers to a Sunday by the beach”. Get to read the instructions first and grab that chance to be there at Maribago.

Please visit Maribago Bluewater blog and watch Maribago Bluewater video.
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