Thursday, February 25, 2010

16th Annual Motorcycle Convention @ Cebu

I happened to pass by the admin office in Parkmall where I was retrieving my papers from my work, then I saw the events poster on the wall read - 16th Annual Motorcycle Convention. I decided to post about the details of the event.

Most of the events will happen at and around the Cebu International Convention Center (CICC)
The Events consists of four(4) days starting from March 4 to 7 , 2010.

DAY 1 March 4 - Bike and Auto Show, Games, Opening

DAY 2 March 5 - Bike & Auto show, Games, President's Meeting, CASTROL NIGHT

DAY 3 March 6 - Convention Ride, Bike & Auto show , Fellowship
Live bands , Fireworks, Raffle & Special Awards & Turn-over Ceremony

DAY 4 March 7 - Sunday Service, Culmination Rites