Monday, December 21, 2009

Sam and Pokwang One Night Only Live

When: January 16, 2009
Time: 8:00PM
At the New Cebu Coliseum, Sanciangko St. Cebu City

Ticket Price
Arena Tickets: Php 999.00
Lowerbox Tickets: Php 799.00
Upperbox Tickets: Php 499.00
General Admission: Php 120.00

For ticket inquiries and early reservations, please call or text:
(032) 4127523
(032) 3160694
and look for Norman, Chaty, or Joey.

OR you can check their website at


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ethelbert said...

adto ka ani Jim? Happy New Year..

Jimoy! said...

aw @ anonymous - i realyy dont know how to read that one.

but its quite obvius ur getting me into some sites

@ atty - hehe uu adto ko happy new year powd

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